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Argentium® Silver - Untarnished by time
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Silver is the most beautiful and lustrous of metals.
Argentium heralds a revolution in silver.

* Highly tarnish resistant              * Harder              * Brighter              * Firescale free              * Purer              * More versatile

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What is Argentium® Silver? (pronounced ar-gen-tium)

Since ancient times the holy grail of silver users across the world has been the elimination of tarnish. Argentium has succeeded in achieving this beyond all others.

Argentium Silver is the most tarnish resistant silver available today – it is available in a wide range of products, is firescale free and whilst perfectly malleable in an annealed state, can easily be made almost twice as hard as annealed traditional sterling silver.

The Problem with Traditional Sterling Silver

Pure silver is too soft for many applications and other elements must be added to create a malleable product. In general, Sterling silver is 92.5% silver, and 7.5% of "something else". The vast majority of the time that "something else" is copper although some nickel may be present in small doses, which leads to the problem of allergic reactions, since many individuals who believe that they are allergic to silver are actually allergic to another metal in the silver alloy used to make their jewelry -- specifically, nickel. On top of that, the addition of copper has two major disadvantages - tarnish and firescale.

1) Tarnish is the term given to the discoloration of metal surfaces caused by copper’s exposure to sulphur compounds in the
span> atmosphere.

2) Firescale is caused when sterling silver is heated in air for manufacturing processes including casting and brazing. Oxygen
reacts with the copper in sterling silver to form a dark, penetrating oxide which can be difficult and labor intensive to remove. Firescale is often masked by plating a thin layer of silver over the surface.

The Solution

Germanium – the “Magic” ingredient

Argentium Silver was invented by master silversmith, Peter Johns, during the 1990s. Professor Johns' experiments revealed that when a small amount of the copper was replaced with the element germanium, the alloy took on highly desirable traits.

The patented Argentium formula, with the "Magic" ingredient germanium, gives protection against tarnish and firescale and imparts increased ductility, strength, durability and unique hardening properties.

Tarnish and Firescale Resistance - How does germanium protect against tarnish and firescale? Germanium loves oxygen! Germanium in Argentium oxidizes preferentially to the copper and silver in the presence of air, forming an invisible protective germanium oxide surface layer. The oxide is able to continuously replenish itself at ambient temperatures through the migration of germanium atoms to the surface. The preferential oxidation of germanium prevents the formation of both tarnish and firescale.

Increased Ductility and Hardness - Silver alloys are required to be soft and malleable during forming or shaping processes; however, it is important that finished articles are hard and durable, so that the metal is not vulnerable to scratching, denting and deformation. Argentium Silver can be formed into complex shapes in its fully soft condition, it can be soldered and stone set and then by means of simple heat treatment, have its hardness substantially increased without the risks associated with quenching.

Why purchase a Memory Pendant with Argentium® Sterling Silver?

Argentium Silver is a leader in the field of silver alloy development. The award winning silver continues to build a reputation of excellence, with recognition and backing from world-leading manufacturers, retailers and silversmiths. 

Argentium Silver has been independently compared to seven leading silver alloys and has been proven to be the most tarnish resistant silver, that is commercially available and, even though this type of silver is 15% to 18% higher in cost than regular silver, we feel that the benefits to our customers make the extra expense well worth the additional cost.

** L. Huffman Studios has been honored as a "Registered Trademark Licensee" by Argentium Silver and has the authorization to display their trademarked logo on our web pages.

Portions of article and logo courtesy of Argentium® Silver


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As soon as your order is processed, we will send you a pre-addressed collection kit containing a small vial and/or a lock of hair collection card, a selection / confirmation form for each pendant ordered and a complete set of instructions giving information on how to confirm or change your choice of colors & styles, how much ash or hair Linda needs & how to send the kit to us. As soon as we receive the kit back from you, Linda will hand make your memorial to the specifications shown on the selection form.

Please allow at least 3 to 5 weeks for us to send the finished pendant & any unused ashes and/or hair back to you however we will try to complete the process sooner if possible. If it is alright with you & if you feel comfortable doing so, Linda would appreciate a copy of a photo or other information about the person or pet being memorized either sent back with the collection kit or e-mailed to us as it gives her more of a sense of the life being commemorated as she works on the pieces.

We sincerely strive to make this emotional decision a warm and comforting experience for you and suggest that you contact us if you have any questions regarding our ordering process or need other assistance as Linda approaches this in a very personal manner and is committed to helping you feel confident and satisfied with your final choice. We would appreciate it very much if you could include your telephone number in the e-mail in case the e-mail servers are down & we have to reach you by phone.


L. Huffman Studios Everett, WA
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