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Color selection, cord, chain specifications and style help page

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The following samples are the approximate color variations and shades of dichroic glass that we use.

All of the nine colors that we use are shown below - dark blue, light blue, green, red, light pink, dark pink, gold, purple and orange. The autumn color choice is a combination of dark blue, red, gold and orange. Dichroic Glass has many more colors available however, we feel that these colors maintain the highest degree of consistency in their variation of colors. If there is a specific color that you are interested in, please contact us as we would love to work with you to create that very special memorial.

Please keep in mind that we cannot control the shades of most colors since Dichroic Glass is extremely difficult to work with and has a tendency to change somewhat during the kiln firing process. The main characteristic of Dichroic Glass is that it has a transmitted color and a completely different reflective color. Furthermore these two colors shift depending on the angle of view.

All colors except red and dark blue will have varying shades associated with them and can appear as light, medium or dark in color. Pink, green, gold, purple and orange normally fall into the light to dark range, light blue generally appears either light or medium in shade with dark blue fairly consistent as a royal blue. There is no actual red color in Dichroic Glass since their "Candy Apple Red" produces an orange red when fired however, through many hours of experimentation, Linda has been able to create an almost pure red color from this very unpredictable and unique glass.

We are always experimenting with our colors, as we have with the red and dark blue, to achieve a consistent shade quality and, as results develop, they will be posted for you on this page.

We hope this helps you decide upon a color selection that you will be proud to wear and keep forever, if you have any concerns, questions or a would prefer a different color or combination of colors,  please feel free to contact us at any time and we will do our best to work with you.

NOTE - The following colors have been photographed and scanned and in no way shows the extreme beauty and brightness of Dichroic Glass. These are shown strictly as a guide to help you in your color selection only. This unusual glass must be viewed in person in order to appreciate the full beauty and liveliness that only Dichroic Glass can achieve.

Available styles and back views

Visible style - showing a small amount of cremains in the center of the pendant.
Non-visible style - the cremains are covered with a piece of opaque dichroic glass.
Lock of hair        Back view of our keepsake lock of hair or ash pendants showing the viewing area
                                 in the back of the memorial.


Cord and chain specifications



3 mm black imitation neck cord with silver plated alligator clasp.
This cord was chosen because of the high degree of durability.
18" - 1.6 mm sterling silver snake chain with sterling
silver findings.
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About L. Huffman Studios:   We use only the highest quality USA made materials in our unique cremation and lock of hair keepsakes designed to keep the memories of your loved one, special friend or cherished pet from fading away forever. Click here to see how Linda custom creates our one-of-a-kind cremation memorial jewelry.

Established 1991 with a history of quality artwork and Five Star customer service dating back to 1969, L. Huffman Studios has a rich legacy to live up to.

We maintain customer loyalty by combining the highest quality, hand made pendants with the lowest price possible. And no other artist offers so many safeguards to ensure customer satisfaction which includes inspecting and re-inspecting each glass "stone" and each Sterling Silver plate to ensure that they meet our highest standards.

Using centuries old glass fusing techniques developed by the Romans, fairly new art glass called Dichroic glass and fine Argentium silver metalsmithing, L. Huffman Studios has created unique, one-of-a-kind keepsake memorials to provide you with a lifetime of memories that never fade.

At first our efforts focused on memorials for pets. As L. Huffman Studios grew, demand for our memorials and the statement of quality they represented resulted in the establishment of Memory Pendants to represent not only cherished pets but also loved family members and special friends.

Internationally award winning fine artist, published cartoonist and acclaimed educator Linda Huffman (see full bio), the owner and founder of L. Huffman Studios, has a long history of creating fine art. Her legacy of reputation for fine quality art and a genuine caring devotion to each family she has had the privilege to serve shows in every memorial that leaves her studio. These unique memorials are still created one-at-a-time and, like snowflakes, no two are exactly the same. By owning and giving a Memory Pendant from L. Huffman Studios you are making a statement of elegance and caring thought.




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