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Kenny wrote:

Tomorrow is Helens' birthday and I got her special present, early. We have had our precious Cocoa's ashes now for over five years. We always intended to spread them around the pond where we had shared so much with her but could just never seem to bring ourselves to do it. Earlier this month I contacted Linda Huffman and after numerous emails back and forth and lots of pictures of Cocoa sent to Everett, Washington I sent Cocoa's ashes to Linda. Two weeks ago Linda sent us our necklaces, fired, and created by her with Cocoa's ashes infused. We put them on and never intend to take them off. Helens' is a rectangle and mine is a disc, they both are a kaleidoscope of blues, purples, greens and reds, changing as the light strikes them, with Cocoa's ashes fused in the center.

Linda captured the essence, spirit and soul of our lost girl and brought her back to us in a very spiritual way. I am not a spiritual person, as a matter of fact if any of you would happen to meet anyone who has known me for awhile and comment, "boy, Kenny is very spiritual", I'm sure they would look at you like a mule looking at a new gate, HUH! LOL. But this piece of my special girl Linda created for me, is special, she is here with me again, I feel her,  it lightens my load a bit each day, I think of her more often, I smile for reasons known only to me again. I know on a pragmatic level it's all in my head, but after all isn't everything, don't we all ultimately live within our own minds. We make choices, I chose to believe Cocoa is with me again, I chose to believe Linda somehow captured her and gave a piece of her back to Helen and me. I chose to allow her to ease my mind at times.

Linda knows how thankful I am but I wanted to thank her in a more public forum, so from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You Linda!!, and HAPPY, Happy Birthday to you Helen, my soul mate, and welcome home sweet Cocoa my other soul mate who gave me 100 years of love crammed into 7 short years.


Kenny & Helen