Please print, fill out & mail along with your check or money order to:   L. Huffman Studios
                                                                                             5014 S. 3rd Avenue
                                                                                             Everett, WA 98203-4133

When your order is processed, you will be sent a collection kit containing a vial and/or a hair sample card, a complete set of
instructions, a return self addressed & pre-paid postage label and a selection/confirmation form. Upon receipt of the kit please place a small amount of crematory ash (approx. 1/4 teaspoon for 1 to 3 pendants and 1/2 teaspoon for up to 5 pendants) in the vial or approximately 6 to 8 strands of hair on the hair sample card, fill out the selection form with your color choices and return the kit to us so that Linda can custom make your Memory Pendant to your specifications.



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  Price/EA Total amount ordered Total price
Spot of Color cremation memorial $104.95    

Original style cremation pendant  (Round___  Square___  Rectangle___  Oval___)



Oval hanging ash memorial



Cremation Memory Pendant worry stone


Small round silver cremation Spot of Color Memory Pendant $177.95    
Small black onyx style silver lock of hair or ash keepsake $197.95    
Round silver Chinese symbol hair or ash keepsake $210.95    

Small round silver cremation Memory Pendant



Small opal style lock of hair or cremation keepsake



Small original style hair or ash keepsake


Large black onyx style silver lock of hair or ash keepsake $236.95    

Small combination lock of hair and ash Memory Pendant keepsake



Large silver cremation pendants     (Round___  Square___  Rectangle___)



Large opal style lock of hair or cremation keepsake



Large original hair or ash keepsakes     (Round___  Square___  Rectangle___)



Large combination hair and ash pendant    (Round___  Square___  Rectangle___)


     Optional Accessories

Spiral bottom stand

$ 18.95


Glass display dome

$ 58.95


18" Silver snake chain

$ 26.95


Additional 16" or 18" cord     (16"____  18"____)

$   7.95


Additional 20" or 22" cord     (20"____  22"____)

$   8.95


Additional 24" cord

$   9.95

One additional vial or hair collection card to commemorate two persons or pets

$   9.95 

Two additional vials or hair collection cards commemorate three persons or pets $ 18.95    



Washington State sales tax 9.2%    




Total owing