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Proud to be an Artist Created and ALL-American Made Memorial Product
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All about us, the artist, Memory Pendants and how they are created

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Designing a Memory Pendant

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Linda Huffman, artist / owner of L. Huffman Studios, working on a Memory Pendant. Notice the picture of the one being commemorated in front of her.

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Design process showing small hand cut pieces of dichroic glass, placed by hand, creating a one-of-a-kind memorial. A clear glass "cap" is placed on top creating a look of depth. Notice the two small bits of bone in the center of the memorial and a fine silver wire fused directly into the glass to hook the bail to.

Hand soldering a square and a round Sterling silver setting. We use Argentium Sterling silver which is made with a touch of germanium that severely inhibits tarnish.

Our story

Our standards of quality

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What is dichroic glass?


Our story:

L. Huffman Studios was founded in 1991 in Everett, WA by Linda Huffman, an International acclaimed oil painter, cartoonist and fused glass artist (see full bio). Her fine jewelry has become synonymous with affordability, high quality and expert craftsmanship. Since our earliest days she has maintained an unwavering commitment to the standards of her handcrafted art -- guaranteeing the highest quality at the lowest price, and safeguarding the standards of color that only dichroic glass can produce.
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Our standards of quality:

With a history of unsurpassed value, L. Huffman Studios has a rich legacy to live up to. We maintain customer loyalty by combining the highest quality, hand made pendants with the lowest price possible. And no other artist offers so many safeguards to ensure customer satisfaction which includes inspecting and re-inspecting each glass "stone" and each Sterling Silver plate to ensure that they meet our highest standards.

Here’s why you should say, Memory Pendants cremation keepsakes from L. Huffman Studios is the right choice for me!”

Our Memory Pendants cremation keepsakes are distributed only through the internet and a very few hand picked, highly reputable crematoriums that proudly uphold the strong values and standards that we adhere to and, to further enhance our reputation and business ethics, we have been members in good standing for several years in the World Wide Web Chamber of Commerce. It has taken several years to establish our credibility on the internet. One dishonest or unreasonable action would destroy all that, and we have no intention of doing so. We take great pains to insure our customers that the hair and cremains we put in their pendants is, without question, what they have sent to us. The responsibility of creating such a sacred keepsake is not taken lightly.

Whenever a customer requests instruction or assistance during the decision making process, Linda approaches this in a very personal manner and is committed to helping them feel confident in their final choice.

Make it special. Make it a Memory Pendant cremation keepsake from L. Huffman Studios.
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About Memory Pendants:

Linda creates every Memory Pendant using the highest quality American made products that she can find. Our dichroic glass is CBS glass (Coatings by Sandburg) purchased through AA Glass in Texas and any standard fusible glass used is manufactured by Bullseye Glass in Portland, Oregon.

All original Memory Pendants are made using one layer of iridized fusible glass, one layer of clear fusible glass and one layer of dichroic glass. Linda hand cuts the base piece using black or iridized glass, she then designs the pendant by hand cutting small pieces of different colored dichroic glass and lays each small piece in place to make the design leaving a small vacant area in the center where she places the ash. She also cuts and forms a piece of fine silver wire which is placed under the dichroic glass and will be used to attach the bail to the pendant. A clear glass cap is placed on the top of the pendant which is then moved to Linda's kiln where the glass is fused together by slowly building the tempature up to 1500 degrees for several hours and then allowing the kiln to cool down slowly. The kiln process can take up to 6 hours or more.

The glass for the silver Memory Pendants® is made in the same way as the original pendants except the fine silver wire is not used, instead the glass memorial is placed in a hand cut and hand soldered Argentium Sterling silver setting. All cords are imitation leather with silver plated cord ends and clasps with the bail being Sterling silver, chains are Sterling silver snake chains and the neck wires are 14 gauge Sterling silver round wire.

All Memory Pendants® are quality, unique and one-of-a-kind memorials that use no glue or pre-cast silver settings and are completely custom made and designed by Linda Huffman, owner/artist of L. Huffman Studios.
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Our policies:

All transactions are processed through our own secure shopping cart and, if you wish, you can choose the PayPal shopping cart. If needed, we can accept your credit card over the phone and submit it through our own processing company however, we do ask to be contacted in advance and all personal information will be shredded as soon as the transaction is completed. We receive no information regarding your credit card number or other private information from PayPal nor from our own shopping cart except your address, which is needed to ship the Memory Pendant kit to you and will never sell or give away any information given to us in confidence by PayPal, our own shopping cart or our customers.

Shipping of your finished memorial is by USPS Priority Mail which  generally  takes 2 to 3 days delivery time. All shipping charges in the continental United States and Alaska are free including insurance and tracking fees if needed, however if you wish faster mail delivery, please see our page for more details regarding the premium services. All overseas International postage charges and the return of the kit to us are the responsibility of the customer.

You must be 100% satisfied with your purchase or we will redo your pendant at no extra charge to you.

We understand that this is a very emotional decision and strive to make it a warm and comforting experience for you and are committed to helping you feel confident and satisfied with your final choice. We welcome any phone calls or e-mails from you and, if at all possible, Linda will provide personal service to you in an attempt to answer your questions and concerns.
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Artist's biography:

Linda began her oil painting career in 1991, her cartooning career in 1994 & combined both careers into the art of kiln-formed glass in 2001.  L. Huffman Studios was established as a business in 1991 as conduit for Linda's painting and cartooning and, since 2001, the business has handled her dichroic glass jewelry, "Memory Pendants®" and glass art.  She has been honored extensively for her achievements as an artist, educator and cartoonist & has been privileged to have her biography listed in over 31 different "Who's Who" biographical reference volumes (a few are listed below), many have listed her more than once, and has been honored with several one woman art shows, the most recent being aboard the Queen Elizabeth II on a round trip cruise to England and has been awarded the following honors and distinguished titles:

  • "International Business and Professional Women's Hall of Fame" (lifetime inclusion)

  • "Twentieth Century Award for Achievement"

  • "Woman of the Year" - 1994, 1996 & 1998  

  • "International Woman of the Year" - 1994

  • "Who's Who of the Year" - 1994

  • "International Woman of the Year" - 1996

  • "World Who's Who Hall of Fame" (lifetime inclusion)

  • "Worlds Who's Who of Women" (lifetime inclusion)

  • Marquis "Who's Who in America" - 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & the upcoming 2008 editions

  • Marquis "Who's Who in the World" - 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & the upcoming 2008 editions

  • National Register's "Who's Who in Executives & Professionals" 2003 - 2004, 2005 & 2006 editions

  • Marquis "Who's Who of American Women" - 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007 editions

  • 2011 commemorated Linda's 15-year milestone as a Marquis "Who's Who" listee.

Linda has been offered membership status in "The Order of International Fellowship", the "World Foundation of Successful Women", and the "International Order of Merit" (which is limited to only 500 members worldwide).  She has been nominated for the "International Book of Honor" (again, limited to 500 persons worldwide), the "Gold Star Award" from England and the "Order of International Ambassadors" which is a society honoring some of the most accomplished individuals of our time and is a symbol of international success and leadership.  Linda is also a member of the prestigious "International Platform Association" which was founded over 150 years ago by Daniel Webster and Josiah Holbrook and is the nations oldest professional speaking association listing such notable personalities as Tom Brokaw, David Brinkley, fifteen American Presidents, Gen. Colin Powell and Jack Anderson as well as many of the most distinguished men and women of our nation in every field as its distinguished members. She has also recently been inducted into the "Who's Who Historical Society" which includes her biography being listed in the 2001 edition of the exclusive "International Who's Who of Entrepreneurs".

Her oil paintings hang in many private collections throughout the world and have been shown on 6 different continents and in major galleries in California, Washington, Oregon and Hawaii.  Cartoonists Northwest ( a cartoonists club in Seattle, Washington) awarded Linda their "Rising Star Award" in 1997, a “Certificate of Achievement" in 1998 as a Finalist in their 1998 "Toonie" Awards  &, along with Terry Short, was awarded "The Best Cartoon of the Year" in 1999 and has had many of her cartoons picked as the "Best of the Northwest" by the club's members.  She is also a graduate of Cartoonarama, a nationally recognized cartoon course, and has had her cartoons published in such internationally known magazines as "Woman's World" and "Townsend Letters".  She is currently designing fused glass wall hangings, custom tables with fused glass & mosaic tops, fused glass Dichroic pendants & earrings, designing silver and dichroic glass pendants (she is an accomplished silversmith & coppersmith) & her favorite, "Memory Pendants®" cremation keepsakes - dichroic pendants with your cherished pet, beloved family member, friend or other loved one's crematory ashes fused between layers of glass and is still teaching an oil painting class at Everett Artist's Supply & Framing, LLC in Everett, WA.
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Artist's statement:

I started designing and making dichroic glass jewelry in 2001.  I absolutely love the feel of the glass & often find myself reaching up and stroking the pendant I wear (very similar to rubbing a worry stone, the glass is very soothing).  In February of 2003, our sweet boxer girl, Daisy passed away.  I was inconsolable for several weeks and would find myself patting the wooden box that contains her crematory ashes.  It was somewhat comforting to have her nearby. Then I decided to make myself a cremation keepsake with a bit of Daisy's crematory ash fused into the glass.  I totally fell in love with the idea of having such a beautiful keepsake that I could wear.  Now, whenever I'm having a particularly bad day or find myself stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, I can reach up and stroke my pendant.  It's a bit like having my Daisy girl with me.  I feel a tremendous sense of well-being knowing that I can offer this service to others who have lost their soul mate, loved one, family member, very special friend or cherished pet.

Linda Huffman
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What is Dichroic glass?

This link "What is dichroic glass and how is it made" by Mary Fleming is one of the best explanations of dichroic glass that we have seen. It is a little technical but explains the process of making dichroic glass in fairly easy to understand terms.
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About L. Huffman Studios:   We use only the highest quality USA made materials in our unique cremation and lock of hair keepsakes designed to keep the memories of your loved one, special friend or cherished pet from fading away forever. Click here to see how Linda custom creates our one-of-a-kind cremation memorial jewelry.

Established 1991 with a history of quality artwork and Five Star customer service dating back to 1969, L. Huffman Studios has a rich legacy to live up to.

We maintain customer loyalty by combining the highest quality, hand made pendants with the lowest price possible. And no other artist offers so many safeguards to ensure customer satisfaction which includes inspecting and re-inspecting each glass "stone" and each Sterling Silver plate to ensure that they meet our highest standards.

Using centuries old glass fusing techniques developed by the Romans, fairly new art glass called Dichroic glass and fine Argentium silver metalsmithing, L. Huffman Studios has created unique, one-of-a-kind keepsake memorials to provide you with a lifetime of memories that never fade.

At first our efforts focused on memorials for pets. As L. Huffman Studios grew, demand for our memorials and the statement of quality they represented resulted in the establishment of Memory Pendants to represent not only cherished pets but also loved family members and special friends.

Internationally award winning fine artist, published cartoonist and acclaimed educator Linda Huffman (see full bio), the owner and founder of L. Huffman Studios, has a long history of creating fine art. Her legacy of reputation for fine quality art and a genuine caring devotion to each family she has had the privilege to serve shows in every memorial that leaves her studio. These unique memorials are still created one-at-a-time and, like snowflakes, no two are exactly the same. By owning and giving a Memory Pendant from L. Huffman Studios you are making a statement of elegance and caring thought.

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