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 Pet loss & pet grief

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A few sites that have proven to be a tremendous help in dealing with the grief of losing a loved & cherished pet.  As we discover more sites, we will list them here, in the meantime, we would appreciate your help in suggesting sites that you feel belong on this list and one's that have helped you or someone you know traverse this difficult road.
Washington Boxer Rescue
We completely support and donate to this excellent Boxer rescue group. In fact Marley, our present four year old Boxer, was rescued from this organization.
Fond Pet Memories Fond Pet Memories is a virtual memorial for your family to remember the loving pet that brought many years of happiness to your household.  We wanted to offer a location where you can dedicate a place of remembrance for your dearly departed pet.

To add a free memorial of a cherished pet to this great online pet cemetery, please click here: Submit Pet’s Obituary

Just This Side of Heaven is a story about love and devotion between human and pet. This story will grab your heart from the first page and have you laughing and crying until the last. From author Timothy Glass of the popular Sleepytown Beagles.  Great book from one of our very valued customers - Tim & Cathy Glass.
This is a gentle and compassionate website for pet lovers who are grieving over the death of a pet or an ill pet. Here you will find personal support, thoughtful advice, The Monday Pet Loss Candle Ceremony, Tribute Pages, healing poetry like Rainbow Bridge & much more.
Ten Tips on Coping with Pet Loss
"Ten Tips on Coping with Pet Loss" plus many other useful articles and other pet loss information by Moira Anderson Allen, M.Ed.
This site is specifically designed to address your individual needs. You can participate in forums that are separate and distinct from one another, according to your specific kind of loss: the loss of a spouse, partner or significant other; the loss of a child, parent, grandparent, sibling or friend; or the loss of a cherished companion animal.
Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
A group of professionally trained volunteers in pet bereavement counseling offering  free services to anyone bereaving for a beloved pet.

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Pet Cremation Jewelry


Boo's Porch
in memory of Baron
"The Last Battle"
in memory of Romulas
"Rainbow Bridge"
"Rescue at Rainbow Bridge"
Rest Easy My Beautiful Girl"
"To My Dearest Family"
"It's Just a Loan"
"Last Night"
A collection of small poems

Great article to read

Ten Tips on Coping with Pet Loss  -  by Moira Anderson Allen, M.Ed.

Special letters from a
few of our customers

Kenny's letter
Melanies letter
Pet cremation jewelry is, simply put, jewelry that contains some of the cremated remains or some tangible object that belonged to the deceased pet. Cremation jewelry is catching on as the latest trend in a line of memorial traditions. They grew out of the older and more traditional system of preserving cremains in memorial urns. While urns sit in one place and cannot be carried around, cremation jewelry allows you the freedom to hold your pet close to you every minute of the day, if  you so desire. This is the ideal way to meet your natural yearning to memorialize and remember a dearly departed pet.

When our beloved Boxer, Daisy, died part of us - the best part - was missing. It's just so sad that when her pain ended, ours had only begun. Just like when human members of our family leave us, the demise of a pet can cause pain and suffering. Many first-time owners find it difficult to assimilate the pain of losing their pets, as one of our customers explains, 'I am left with an empty heart, feeling very lonely missing my beloved pet. I hope this picture helps you in designing something special for the two of us.  She was a wonderful dog, and even though I know that my deep sadness will subside, she will always be remembered and loved by me.'

Whether you are mentally prepared or not, the process of grieving is usually a long drawn out one. Ironically, it's true that the more you love with all your heart, the more you grieve with all your heart too. There is only one healthy and acceptable ending to the grieving process - acceptance. If you're lucky, you reach this stage fairly quickly. But for many, the road to acceptance is filled with denial, guilt and depression. According to psychologists, having something tangible to hold on to makes the recovery process easier. This is the significance of photographs, cremation urns and pet cremation jewelry.

Pet cremation jewelry comes in a variety of designs and shapes and can be made from a range of substances. Shapes of bones, paws, tails, doggie and cat faces are just some of the common examples. Cremation jewelry may be crafted in gold, silver, glass or white gold. They are designed to hold cremated remains, a lock of hair, fur, feathers or whatever is 'cherished'. Anything that helps the owner feel close to the departed pet can be enclosed - some may just hold a small picture or engraving. Pet memorial jewelry comes in the form of urn pendants or lockets that can be worn around the neck or in shapes that can be carried on a key-ring, worn on a bracelet or even use as a "worry stone". Once the material and design has been chosen, pet owners can also get their pieces personalized. Memorial jewelry can be as unique as the pet it memorializes.

If you, like millions of other bereaved pet owners, feel the desire to hold your pet close to your heart and caress him/her every now and then, even long after your pet's death, you can now do so by enclosing a part of your pet in a beautifully designed piece of pet cremation jewelry. Memory Pendants® provides a large selection of tasteful and affordable pet cremation jewelry and lock of hair keepsakes designed by Linda Huffman, an internationally acclaimed artist and owner of L. Huffman Studios.

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As soon as your order is processed, we will send you a pre-addressed collection kit containing a small vial and/or a lock of hair collection card, a selection/ confirmation form for each pendant ordered and a complete set of instructions giving information on how to confirm or change your choice of colors & styles, how much ash or hair Linda needs & how to send the kit to us. As soon as we receive the kit back from you, Linda will hand make your memorial to the specifications shown on the selection form. Please allow at least 2 to 5 weeks for us to send the finished pendant & any unused ashes and/or hair back to you however we will try to complete the process sooner if possible.

If it is alright with you & if you feel comfortable doing so, Linda would appreciate a copy of a photo or other information about the person or pet being memorized either sent back with the collection kit or e-mailed to us as it gives her more of a sense of the life being commemorated as she works on the pieces.

We sincerely strive to make this emotional decision a warm and comforting experience for you and suggest that you contact us if you have any questions regarding our ordering process or need other assistance as Linda approaches this in a very personal manner and is committed to helping you feel confident and satisfied with your final choice. We would appreciate it very much if you could include your telephone number in the e-mail in case the e-mail servers are down & we have to reach you by phone.

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